Cheat Day: Strawberry Jam Cake Recipe

Now that I’ve titled this post ‘Cheat Day: Strawberry Jam Cake Recipe’, I realise how awful the term ‘cheat day’ is. A friend of mine has recently brought it to my attention, in fact. I highly doubt the inventor of the phrase will spend his or her leisure time indulging in the following piece of writing, so I can perhaps suggest we don’t use it too often? Don’t get me wrong: I’m guilty of it myself. Is it just me, or do we take immense pleasure in beating ourselves up for enjoying life occasionally? Why do we automatically attach a label that is inherently associated with…bad behaviour at school? What’s next? Facing a white wall for an hour, with our hands behind our heads? The concept of ‘consequences’ is conveniently adopted to shame a person for having eaten some food! It’s mildly ridiculous, if you ask me. ‘It works’, you’ll say and I do understand that after a ‘cheat day’, we’re always more motivated to eat healthily and exercise hard. But do you really cheat by eating pizza once a week?

Sometimes, I refer to the unhealthy foods I consume as ‘treats’. For me, this will mostly be sweets. I have a sweet tooth and it runs in the family. Biscuits. Cookies. Chocolate. Cake. Ice-cream. Waffles. You know the drill. These tend to come in large, colourful packages and almost always succeed in tempting me to eat a sufficient amount of sugar to last me a decade.

Enough rambling about terminology and how appallingly fragile the human psyche is. ‘Treats’, or ‘cheats’ – for those of us who thrive on criticising ourselves – are a mandatory aspect of your health lifestyle. I won’t even call it a journey. Yes, it’s a journey but, ultimately, it’s something that will run a lifetime. There’s no finish line to triumphantly cross. There’s no one to hand you a big bottle of water, say a few encouraging words and give you a pat on the back. Meaning, you’ll categorically be eating unhealthy stuff throughout your lifetime. Might as well make it fun!

On Friday, mum and I decided to make a Strawberry Jam Cake. For the kitchen-savvy out there, this is not the precise name of the dessert, but it’s the easiest way to describe it. It’s called ‘Kiten’ (no, not ‘kitten’; I’m translating from Bulgarian and, no, it doesn’t mean anything). But many of you are unlikely to be familiar with it, so I’m renaming it to Strawberry Jam Cake. Or is it a Pudding?

What will you need?

1 cup of youghurt

1 cup of white sugar (I assume you’ll be alright using brown, too, but for once I didn’t substitute anything in the original recipe)

1 cup of sunflower oil

3 – 4 cups of all-purpose white flour

Baking powder

Jam of your choice (we had strawberry jam, but you’re invited to experiment!)

Powdered sugar (optional)


Using a spoon, whip the youghurt, the sugar and the sunflower oil. Gradually, start adding the flour and the baking powder. Once done, pour ¾ of the mixture in a baking tray. Cover it with your jam. Grate the remaining ¼ of the mixture on top. If your mixture isn’t thick enough, add more flour, or else, you won’t be able to grate it well. Bake for about 30 minutes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar for added sweetness and a finished look!

IMG_6971 IMG_6972 IMG_6973


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