The magical powers of breakfast

It’s the B word. Whether you’re swearing under your breath or you’ve got your fist proudly in the air, breakfast seems to be causing controversy left, right and centre. In all honesty, I have no idea why. As of recently, human kind has been overly invested in denouncing discoveries and research outcomes from the past, e.g. eating carbs after 7pm is unforgivable (don’t even start me on that one), but do we have to go over every single thing?

Not in the case of breakfast anyway. It’s been accepted that eating in the morning is beneficial for a number of reasons. Do we have to summon evidence in support of the contrary? Even if we do, it’s predominantly – if not entirely – dedicated to whether people who eat breakfast lose weight faster than those who do not. And, see, this already is the wrong approach. Breakfast is great for us. Here is why!

Why should you ensure having breakfast in the morning?

  1. Empty tank: After eight or so hours of sleep, during which your body has been digesting and processing the food and drinks you’ve had earlier, your food reserve is drained. Naturally, you should refill it in the morning. The poor judgement people exercise in this respect never ceases to amaze me. It’s similar to trying to drive your car when its petrol tank is emptied. It won’t work, will it? Breakfast is fuel to your body. Supplying yourself with energy is essential, yet we often forget this is what food is for: nutrients and energy to sustain the functions of your body and aid you in your chores.
  2. Productivity / brain power: If you’re among those who don’t postpone having their first meal to midday, therefore depriving yourself of food for more than 15 hours, you’re experiencing stronger brain power and better productivity. Food isn’t solely feeding your body; importantly, it’s feeding your brain. Hence, when you have breakfast, your efficiency levels are increased and your brain is working as it should be. Scarcity in food leads to distraction and irritability. People find it harder to focus and achieve their projected results.
  3. Metabolism: Breakfast speeds up your metabolism. Full stop. The sooner you start eating, the sooner your body will start burning calories. Some wonder why breakfast lovers are often puckish mid or late morning. We confuse it for a negative outcome of a morning meal. Instead, it points to that person’s body actually working. It’s not slowed down by the lack of food (and energy). The stream of food keeps the body occupied. The more occupied it is, the more calories you burn.
  4. Less likely to eat unhealthily: If your morning begins with a filling, nutritious and healthy breakfast, you’re certain to reduce the number of unhealthy cravings later on. It’s as much of a mental exercise as it’s a physical one. By knowing you’ve made the effort to nourish your body from the very start, it’s relatively implausible for you to reach for those crisps or chocolate bars. Besides, since you’re repeatedly nurturing yourself, the body won’t need quick energy to fix what you’ve purposefully missed.

Excuses people employ to justify NOT eating in the morning

  1. Not hungry: I’m not even sure, if people realise how paradoxical this statement sounds. Of course, you won’t be hungry in the morning, if you don’t habitually eat at this time of day. The body is smarter than we give it credit for. It gets accustomed to what you do or don’t do. If it’s been refused food in the morning for years and years, it won’t be giving you a signal you need food then. It knows that the first meal of the day will be circa midday and it’s in service accordingly. All in the name of survival. Results won’t crop up straight away, but once you instigate having breakfast on a customary basis, after a while you’ll be feeling hunger upon waking up.
  2. No time: No time for breakfast, but plenty of time to check one’s social media. I don’t miraculously find the time to eat in the morning. I make it. Yes, it’s difficult to prepare a healthy breakfast, particularly when you have to run to work or school. The extra 15 minutes you’re handed by setting your alarm to an earlier hour will be worth it, however. Let’s not overlook that you can cook breakfast the evening before. Overnight oats anyone? In fact, you can simply have everything at hand for when you rise and breakfast won’t be such a daunting mission. Bottom line is: it’s down to priorities. Many people manage to do everything in the morning without being late but it’s because they’re committed to it.

P.S. I’m giving a shout out to this article on ‘Canning Your Own Food’. Worried about the risks canning your own food may pose? Unsure of how to properly can different types of food? Confused about cleaning techniques? This is an extensive guide on these and other matters surrounding canning your own food. Please read and share!



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