About cinnamonontop

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to cinnamonontop!

I’m Siya. A girl, 27 years young. Bulgarian by passport, a world citizen by heart. Too talkative for her own good. An avid reader. Outrageous hair, apparently. Interested in a variety of subjects, including human / animal rights, international politics, public relations, black and white photography, oversized jewellery, home decor, art and travelling.

With a flair for writing and an opinion on everything, blogging has eternally been a part of my life: I used to keep personal diaries when growing up and have been experimenting with different blog platforms in recent years.

However, it was my newly found love for a healthy lifestyle that encouraged me to seriously consider online blogging and inspired me to create cinnamonontop. This personal space will feature information on nutrition, delicious yet low-cost (vegetarian) dishes, some traditional Bulgarian recipes, workout routines to do at home and the endorsement of a positive body image. Be balanced on the inside and the outside will take care of itself!

I hope to motivate others to embrace a lasting change in their lives and let it advantageously affect their overall well-being. Meanwhile, my journey is far from over! My personal aspirations revolve around building a leaner and stronger body and I’ll happily accept advice and pointers from people with similar goals.

Now, let’s get down to business…

*Disclaimer: I’m not a qualified nutritionist and / or a personal trainer. All opinions put forward in this blog are mine and mine alone. What I share is my personal experience with clean eating and working out routines.  Please, always consider your health and consult a professional if and when needed.


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